The 6 most extreme and popular sports in the world

If you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast, take a look at these extreme activities and, if you dare, put them into practice!

If you feel like a little snowboarding but you don’t have snow, no problem. Sandboarding is practiced on sand dunes. It’s about jumping from the top of the dune and sliding down. The bad thing is that you have to do it under a scorching sun. But it’s a good dose of adrenaline!


Downhill is practiced on long mountain roads full of obstacles such as jumps, rocks, plants and big steps. The speed reached can exceed 80 kilometers per hour, which is why downhillers wear a helmet with a very robust protective mask.


Born in France during the eighties, this discipline is based on overcoming a certain path as quickly as possible, overcoming all kinds of obstacles that require jumping and climbing.

Cave Diving

Performed with special diving equipment, it is one of the most extreme and dangerous activities due to poor visibility, difficulty in movement and the depth of the caves. In spite of this, speleology has more and more followers.

Waterfall Falls in Kayak

An activity considered truly extreme: kayaking down through troubled waters and waterfalls. Would you dare?

High altitude descent

Any descent by itself is considered a risk to be taken into account but at great height increases the danger.

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