Philippines Backpacker’s Guide to Traveling

The Filipinos are the main treasure of this country, so you will understand that the tourist slogan to compete with the rest of Southeast Asia is: It’s more fun in the Philippines. Probably the tropical climate and the numerous invasions have forged a cheerful, open and optimistic character of the Filipinos. The smile is the main currency. You can make a lot of friends just by posing with them for photos. They love to be photographed. In addition, many Filipinos speak excellent English (the official language in the country) and in their main local language, Tagalog, there are more than 3500 words in Spanish, inherited from the times of colonization.

Main destinations in the Philippines

1) Palawan Island: Filipino Favorite

It is the westernmost island in the country. It is one of the favorite places for Filipinos to go on vacation for the number of options it offers.

Puerto Princesa: Capital of Palawan with about 140,000 inhabitants. It does not have a beach, but it does have an important port. Here what is stigmatized is Island Hopping (jump from island to island). You can spend the whole day visiting the islands to the east, completely uninhabited.


Underground River: It is the longest underground river in the world with 8.2km. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Entering the caves of the river and witnessing the infinity of stalactites that have been formed is really amazing.

El Nido: Coastal village northwest of Palawan. One of the best places in the country for diving lovers. Its beach surrounded by high mountains creates a spectacular landscape.

2) Corón Island: Ideal for divers

North of Palawan Island. It can be reached by plane from El Nido, or also by boat. It is a perfect island for scuba diving. You can see countless species of fish and different corals, you can even witness the famous Whale Shark. If you don’t go with the intention of diving, don’t go.

3) Bohol Island: Famous for Chocolate Hills and the world’s smallest primates.

Island located in the Central Bisayas. It can be reached by plane from the main cities of the country, or by boat from Cebu. Famous for its Chocolate Hills and Tarsier primate.

Tagbilaran City: Capital of Bohol and with little charm, but it allows us to sleep at very economic prices.

Chocolate Hills: In the heart of the island, is where the Chocolate Hills, 1,200 hills in the middle of the valley with a dark brown color. You can see from the village of Carmen, the official viewpoint to contemplate this gift of nature.

Loboc: The ideal place to see the world’s smallest primate, the Tarsier. An animal about 15cm high. It can be seen in the Tarsier Reserve in the village of Loboc.

Panglao Island: An island south of Bohol, connected to it by a bridge. It is quite a tourist place but the prices are backpackers (cheap). The best beach, Alona Beach.

4) Cebu Island: The economic and industrial center

In the Central Bisayas, you will find the Island of Cebu. After Manila, Cebu is the most important economic center in the Philippines. In recent years it has become a model of independent industrial development. With its port, international airport and attractive beaches and tourist centers, the city, and in general the island of Cebu, is for many Filipinos and foreigners a perfect place for their investments.

Cebu City: In the capital of the island we would highlight La Cruz de Magallanes, in the old part of the city. The Fort of San Pedro, which was built to defend against Muslim and European attacks.

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